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Today Apple had their annual WWDC Keynote where they released their latest software and refreshed their Macbook air and Pro lines. They opened up with a couple of stats about the the app store. Currently there are 650,000 apps and 250,000of them are made for the iPad. At this time there are 120 countries that are part of the app store and 32 additional countries will be added to the app store soon.

The conference started off with Apple releasing refreshes to their laptop lines. The Macbook Air’s got a couple of updates that included a Ivy Bridge processor that will top out at 1.8 GHZ on the highest model with 8 GB of ram, and 512 GB of flash memory. As with the Macbook Air’s the Pro’s also got a update. A update that Apple did not mention is a update to the Mac Pro line. All of these updates will be available today for purchase on the Apple store’s website.

With the addition of the updates Apple revealed a new product that they added to the Macbook Pro line. Today they released the a Macbook Pro with a retina display and other great features. This new laptop will have 16 GB of ram and 768 GB of flash memory. As for connection it will have 2 USB 3.0 ports, and the new MagSafe 2 charging port. The new Macbook Pro will have no optical drive, and a HDMI port, but the key feature that sets this away from the other Macbook Pros is the addition of 60% faster graphics to help power the retina display. This will give you a edge when it comes to gaming, and photo and video editing. This model will start at $2199 and go to about $2800. This new retina display will be available today for purchase though the Apple store’s website.

Now that Apple has released the much anticipated updates to their computer lines, they are going to release a new operating system this July starting at $19.99 called Mountain Lion. This update will include features to make the Mac and iOS devices more in sync with each other. Some of these updates included a notification system, and Game Center just like the one on your iOS devices. It will also include dictation, but the thing that is getting the biggest update is Safari. Safari will have iCloud tabs that will show all opened tabs across all your devices and the ability to have a offline reading list.

As the rumors said Apple released iOS 6 during WWDC 2012. Apple has sold 365 million iOS devices sold with 80% of them using iOS 5. iOS will have an additional 200 new features added to the current software. With the addition of Twitter integration iOS has seen a 3x growth of Twitter. So now Apple decided to add Facebook integration to iOS. With the addition of Facebook intigration you will be able to use Siri to update you status and etc.

Today Siri got  much needed enhancements. These enhancements include the ability to open apps with Siri, and added integration with apps such as Rotten Tomatoes, and the addition of Siri to the iPad. Siri also has the ability to pull additional data from sources that will give you sporting stats, and movie times. Of all the features that were included into todays Keynote the most important feature is the partner with car manufactures to add a Siri button in cars.

The Notification Center that was released during last year’s Keynote got a much needed update. This update is a “DO NOT DISTURB” feature for you notification which will allow your notification to not pop up during the time you have this feature enabled. With iOS 6 you will also be able to have a reminder to call some one back or send them a message when they call you.

The most anticipated part of this Keynote was the release of Apple’s dedicated mapping system. This will have turn by turn navigation and 3D vector mapping system with fly over maps. This mapping system will also have integration with Yelp and help you to avoid traffic by suggesting new routes when it is bad.

While those additons are great, Apple released a app that no one expected which is called Passbook. This app allows you to store all your boarding passes and tickets on your phone to keep them in one place, but this app goes even further by allowing you to place gift cards into to the app too. So when you come to the store you will get a notification that you have a gift card that you can use there.

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Today was the Microsofts E3 Conference where they announced their up and coming games and technology. Microsoft annouced a couple new features of the Kinect. The biggest feature would have to be the Smart Glass, which will use your mobile devices to make your games and media more immersive. Some of the examples that they gave were going from your mobile device to your Xbox and returning in the same place you left off.

It also will add more to your games and media. With Smart Glass you can have cast notes and maps of the places where your movies or TV shows take place, but the most impressive feature that Microsoft showed off was using it with games like Madden to redraw plays and such. All together this is a smart move for Microsoft because instead of competing with mobile devices, Microsoft is using them to their advantage to make their system more immersive.

The last major software update to the Xbox was the addition of Internet Explorer to Xbox. So now you are able to search the web on your Xbox, and partner it with Smart Glass to be able to control Internet Explorer from your mobile devices.

Microsoft also gave us a sneak peek of Xbox Music that will work on the Xbox and Microsoft’s mobile devices with over thirty million tracks.

Now with the games there were not too many announcements since we have seen many of them early on. Probably the biggest games to be shown at the Xbox press conference would have to be Splinter Cell Black List, and Halo 4.

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I just watched the GT TV reveal for Star Wars 1313, the new Star Wars game franchise from LucasArts. I must say, from the little I saw, I was rather impressed. The game is a third person shooter (I would assume, though they never specified) where you play as an as of yet undisclosed bounty hunter in what looks like the Rise of the Empire era (between Episodes III and IV). The idea of playing as a bounty hunter is very appealing to me, and I hope LucasArts can pull of a good game for a change. More footage and details will be released at E3 next week!

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With the up and coming WWDC you can expect for Apple’s latest software to be announced. The question is what will be in iOS 6. Well iOS 6 will have similar user interface as before, and maybe small customization features that will go into the task manager such as adding widgets to the task manager and the capability of moving them around.

With the acquisitions of multiple mapping companies, and the further tensions between Apple and Google, you can expect to see the Google Maps app to go away and have Apple’s own mapping app. As for the YouTube app you most likely will see it go away too but it will still be a downloadable app in the App store.

Last year in the release of iOS 5, Apple released Reminders,  and iMessage. Now that iOS 6 is on the way Apple will likely integrate Reminders, Notes, and iMessage into iCloud so that the data from those applications can be used with all the Apple devices.

Apple most likely will release updates to the iMessage system that will improve its functionality. This update will make the messaging system more reliably in sending messages so that you will actually receive the messages, and there might be a user interface upgrade too.

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The Apple set is rumored to look very similar in nature to the thunderbolt displays that Apple all ready has, but with some minor tweaks to make room for a TV tuner card.

As of now, the only Siri device that Apple has is the iPhone 4s, but when the TV is released, it will use Siri through your iPhone. Your iPhone would be the remote for the TV, so using Siri to control it would work quite well

For the operating system it will most likely use a OS similar to the current Apple TV OS, but with some elements of iOS in it. This will give you the ability to be able to sync all your devices to your TV, and then be able to rent and buy media from iTunes.

Since the current thunderbolts monitors start at $999 dollars, you should expect it to have a high price tag of $2000 or higher depending on the size of the TV. It probably will be released later this year or the early part of 2013 to blow CES out of water, and before Super Bowl Sunday to take advantage of the increase in TV demand.

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Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC has been set to June 11-15. Last year during this event Apple announced the iPhone 4 and iOS 5. This year Apple is probably going to release iOS 6 for sure, but I would not plan for Apple to announce the iPhone 5. It hasn’t been a year since Apple released the iPhone 4s last October so Apple has not gotten its full potential from the iPhone 4s revenue.

Apple will also probably introduce a computer upgrade to the Macbook Pro line and the Macbook Air line. They probably will introduce a 15inch screen to the Macbook Airs, and then both of the laptop lines will get a hardware upgrade to the newest generation of Intel processors.

Apple’s TV might be announced at WWDC. The “Apple TV” would be similar to the Apple TV device, but be a actual TV that will integrate you content from all your Apple devices. It will probably have connectivity to your other Apple devices.

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Ever since the iPhone came out people have been saying that the iPhone would get a bigger screen. For the past couple of years, people have said that the iPhone will get a 4.6-inch screen. Here are four reasons that I think the iPhone will not get a 4.6-inch screen.

1. The top reason the next iPhone will not get the 4.6-inch screen is that it would be a 1.1-inch increase from the newest model, the iPhone 4S. If you follow any of the Apple product lines, Apple is not known for big upgrades on their devices. Apple will slowly increase the size and specs of the iPhone over time. They will never go that far from one generation to the next.

2.  If the iPhone gets a 4.6 inch screen, Apple would be forced to update the DPI again, or have upset customers. The DPI would go from 326 DPI to 250 DPI, which would lower image quality, and even make the screen lose its classification as  a “retina” display.

3.The current screen size of all the Apple devices are the perfect size. The entire screen and the home button can be reached by just using your thumb. With the 3.5-inch screen it can fit in your pocket, and does not look out of place. A 4.6 inch screen would make the device harder to use for some users.

4. Right now the Samsung Galaxy Note takes the cake for the biggest Screen size at 5.3-inch screen, and considering that tablets like the Kindle Fire are 7-inches, the Note is about to hit tablet. If the current trend keeps coming for phone sizes we will have phones as big as tablets in couple of years, and talking on a screen the size of the Galaxy Note makes you look ridiculous. There has been considerable backlash against the Note for its size, which I believe Apple would take as a lesson to not increase the iPhone’s screen size

In the end, I would not get excited about having a 4.6-inch screen because most likely the iPhone will still have the same screen size, and if Apple does change the screen size it will probably be a 3.7 0r 3.8-inch screen. Comment below and tell us what you think the screen size will be and why.


The United States (U.S.) should implement a national Flat tax. The U.S. should implement this tax so that every one is paying the same tax rate no matter what you pay. Another the U.S. should implement this tax is that the government would still get a sufficient amount of money from taxes.  The U.S. should set forth a flat tax so that people cannot find ways around paying their taxes to the government.  This is why the U.S. government should implement a flat tax.

The U.S. should implement the flat tax so everyone is paying the same rate.  The U.S. should do this because right now not every one is paying equal percent on their taxes.  This would be beneficial because every one would be paying the same rate so every one would be equal in that they are paying the same percentage as the guy sitting next to you no matter what his salary is. This is why we should switch to a flat tax.

Another reason that the U.S. should take a flat tax into effect is that the government would still be getting sufficient amount of money. For example if the tax was fifteen percent of your salary the government would still get a lot more money from someone salary that is over a million dollars a year. So we would still have a steady stream of money coming into the government for a assortment of things.  This is another reason the U.S. should take a flat tax in to effect.

The U.S. should set forth a flat tax so that people cannot find ways around paying their taxes to the government.  If the U.S. set forth a flat tax then you would have to pay a flat rate, and there would be no way of getting a lower tax rate since everyone has the same tax rate. Another reason is that the govement would not give out deductions on your taxes so the government would not have to worry about that if we set forth a flat tax. This is why the U.S. should have a flat tax.


Lytro introduces world’s first light field camera: f/2 lens, $399, ships early 2012 — Engadget.

Later this year you will be able to set your focus on your pictures anytime you want to with the Lytro Camera. 

This camera totes an f/2, 8x zoom lens which utilizes an 11-mega-ray light-field to power all that infinite focus magic. It’s instant-on and the rubber back-end wields only two physical buttons: one for shutter and the other for power. The company’s added the ability to change the focus on-camera, a task accomplished via its touchscreen glass display